Indian Railways takes next “step”

New Delhi: So, everytime I would get an upper berth, I would freak out. I’d look at the ladder-y structure and wonder how can even someone climb that and get to the top. Well, if you’re someone like me, you need to worry no longer.

Don’t be surprised if a staircase greets you inside a coach. Yes, a small staircase.

There is some good news for commuters as Indian Railways is mulling building a step for the upper berth in the coaches.

Engineers in the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala and Chennai are testing various prototypes of ladders to climb up to the upper berth.

According to reports in a national daily, the Railways have roped in National Institute of Design to make sure the engineering solutions are aesthetically appealing as well.

“We are trying out various designs of ladders. We have already arrived at one for AC First Class. For AC-II and III classes, work is on,” Railway Board Member (Mechanical) Hemant Kumar said.

The new design will provide passengers a better foothold, as well as a handle somewhere near the upper berth.

The cost involved is said to be around Rs 20,000 per coach — which is negligible given the scale of the Railways’ operations.


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