Bing-o! Microsoft beats Google in video search

Washington: Microsoft gave a much-needed makeover to its Bing video search feature this week, and the final product is pretty good.

New features include larger and easier-to-identify video thumbnails where the users can even preview videos straight from the results to get an idea of what they are looking at. 

In addition, Bing shows additional information on each result. Users can now see the view count, upload date and up-loader before clicking to the result.

Music searches will now show a module up at the top for the artist with a photo and a list of other top songs. The suggested videos will be shown half-way down the page in another module, with more recommendations.

Comparatively, Bing’s new video search is being lauded as being superior to Google’s and the overall update is much needed considering that it’s been long outdated.

The irony is that Google actually owns YouTube and yet its video search engine hasn’t been given the same treatment. 

But, what’s great about Bing’s video search is that a user can use this as an entire alternative to going to YouTube.


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