Bangladesh trolled India. But how?

So, the Indians were trumped by the Bangladeshi boys, something that obviously acts like a wake up call. While the world is baying for Dhoni’s blood, Dhoni is no longer captain cool. He’s had enough of all the nonsensical questions being hurled at him and has candidly offered to step down as captain of that helps.

While solutions are the next obvious step, yet assessing what went wrong is equally important.

Willow woes

The batsmen failed to click. While there Rohit Sharma and Raina delivered in the first match, but the rest of the line-up was snoozing. Similarly in the second match, it was Dhawan and Dhoni who attempted heroics, but the rest of them were caught napping.

Leaking Runs

While the batting was troublesome, the bowling didn’t impress either. To add to it, the bowlers were very expensive, giving Bangladesh the leeway to put pressure on the Indian batting as well.

Too much cricket

The Indian team has been playing non-stop. Be it the Australian series, the World Cup or the IPL, there have been very little breaks. That would have perhaps exhausted the Indian team and would have sapped them off completely.

Complacency, much?

‘Arrey, it’s only Bangladesh’ might have been a part of what the team must have thought. It’s Bangladesh, only, indeed!


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