Dear dad, with love

You have been everything to me and will continue to be till forever ends.  Mom is cool, but there remains no denying that there are those times when no one seems to get me other than you. Life definitely has changed from a toddler to a teen to now being an adult and you continue to influence my life in all shapes of my self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions about men. I’ve seen some incredible, beautiful things, with you holding my hand.

A true father is always there. He is there to spill tears of happiness when he first looks at his infant daughter. He is there with arms to catch her when she takes her first steps or stumbles. He is there to teach her at the youngest age, even though she might not understand half of it. He is there to help her colour inside the lines, make her sandwiches and tomato soup, and tie her shoes. He is there to hug her and kiss her on her first days of school, and to walk her in if need be. He is there to teach her and tease her and laugh with her. I can’t get over the days when I use to come to you asking for help to solve my assignments; also write those history and English research papers and on top of it all fix all those buggers who caused chaos while playing or eating or singing or dancing and later even at school followed by college – I have totally been a Daddy’s girl. You just seemed to have a solution for everything in life and you always took the right decision.

You have given me the best gift a woman can get in this world: a sense of security with an assurance that there is ‘one single person’ in the world wide who will set everything right, just in case something goes wrong; ‘it’s something like no matter what you will do in life, God and your father will always be there to support you.’ I grew up believing this and swear, I still do.

You always encouraged me asking questions even if you had answered them before. You allowed my own space to think and decide for myself wherein you were always there in the background watching my actions and taking note of my decisions. You gave me an ability to think, take a stand in life, and be decisive, to always remember my roots and most of all taught me never to take things for granted.

A single day can never be enough to celebrate our relationship; but maybe today it’s just one of those days to let you know, ‘no matter how old I get, no matter how often I stay out with friends, no matter how far I move away with my husband, no matter how many children I have or for that matter even grandchild, I will always be your little girl. I love you more than the world will ever know’ – Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day!


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