Putin curious about Modi’s Yoga regime

St Petersburg: “Does Modi do yoga?” This is the question posed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated a ministry dedicated to Yoga.

Ministry of Ayush that is dedicated to Yoga and Ayurveda was set up by PM Modi ahead of first International Yoga Day on June 21st.

The Russian prezi wondered if the man who wants to spread yoga does it himself. He was told that it was likely, though he had not publicly said so.

“He is a good man, and a personal friend,” Putin said.

“They say they have two opinion. One that they are right. And the second that I am wrong,” Putin said at his official residence here which encompasses the Boris Yeltsin Digital Library. Putin is from St Petersburg.

The interaction with Putin ended at around 2 am with him saying that often his meetings stretched to the wee hours of the night. He said he had to meet so many people, and often many of them would go into lengthy explanation about their issues that he found it difficult to interrupt.


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