Flipkart-Snapdeal war, who will Snap or Flip first?

New Delhi: E-commerce companies just can’t get enough of each other. It’s an all out open war – both online and offline. Much to the amusement of everyone, this time around it is Snapdeal taking on Flipkart’s ad campaigns.

With some witty ambush marketing Snapdeal has made a mockery of Flipkart’s latest #AchhaKiya campaign.

For the last three days, Flipkart has been aggressively pushing its “Accha kiya” campaign on its website, and through television advertisements, and hoardings across the country with the tagline — “Accha kiya jo nahi khareeda (Good thing that you didn’t buy) — Flipkart’s surprise price for those who wait.” Snapdeal instantly jumped to the opportunity and countered the tagline with “Achha Kiya bata diya — yahan se khareedo” (good thing you told us — buy from here).

The Internet came alive after the clash and when a user asked Snapdeal ‘but why?’, Snapdeal double-trolled Flipkart by making a pun on their latest ‘wish chain‘ campaign:

.@miss_cherished Kyunki kal kare so aaj kar. After all, wishes don’t wait #YahanSeKharido ?

— Snapdeal.com (@snapdeal) June 18,2015

Snapdeal took the war to the streets too. The company is said to have strategically placed hoardings with the same tagline just below Flipkart’s campaign.

This is not for the first time that country’s leading e-commerce companies are engaged in a social media war.

Earlier, the CEO’s of the two shopping giants were involved in a showdown on Twitter. 

There are many more cases of ambush marketing in startup ecosystem—the most recent being between the Zostel and OYO rooms and before that between Commonfloor and Housing.


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