Kindle launches a new Paperwhite E-Reader

Washington: Amazon has announced a new paper-white e-reader. The new e-reader has a 6-inch 300ppi display and a new font and book layout system that will make it easier to read the text.

The new Paperwhite e-reader will be available at $119. The reader is available for pre-order now and will ship on June 30.

The e-reader also includes a backlight and is available with or without cellular data and Amazon’s advertisement offers. The WAN model costs $209 without special offers.

Like the previous Paper-white this one also has a bright, almost white glare-free screen inside a slab of black plastic, but this model has twice as many pixels as the previous version and will display laser quality text.

Amazon has also created a new font, Bookerly, an exclusive font that they claim is easier for reading on digital screens. They will also add a new typesetting engine that will improve book layout even at larger font sizes.


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