Oh d-rat! KFC does it this time!

So, the other day, I was juggling. While my work shift was just about to begin, I was struggling with veggies, dough, dirty utensils and all of that. Why, you ask? Because my husband was going out of town and I wanted to stock him up with food that would last him a day.

Now, you would ask why is that so, don’t trains serve food? Yes, they do. But I wanted to spare my husband from the horror of discovering rats and cockroaches in the food he would spend a bomb on. I didn’t mind the extra work as long as he was consuming food that has been made under caring supervision.

We belong to a generation that has convenience on its fingertips. When we are negative on time, the one thing that we worry about is what are we going to eat. As a miraculous answer, we have several food joints sprouting all over nooks and corners, dishing out every variety that we could possibly imagine.

Of these, the local curry points get a royal ignore when our wallets are fat. We prefer the McDonald’s and the KFCs when we have the cash jingling in our pockets.

So, we go there are pay a fat sum to get something on our plates. Chicken? Maybe a rat.

Oh ok, if you’re getting the creeps reading the last sentence, I’m sorry my intention was not to gross you out. But that’s exactly what Devorise Dixon, who lives in Watts, California got when he had dreamt of crunchy chicken on his plate.

So many such instances related to food popping up on our feed will just take back people to an era when dining out would become a rarity. Perhaps then, people would be more careful about what they eat. After all, rats aren’t really a part of everyone’s everyday menus, are they?


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