5 Ways To Travel Smarter this summer

It doesn’t always matter which destination are you travelling to. Sometimes it’s about moving out to relax a bit. And there are some easy things you can do before you leave to make your vacation less stressful:


1.    Turn your phone into a travel agent


With the right apps, your phone can nab same-day flights, teach you the local language and even identify the historic spot you’re standing in. 

The apps are really helpful when flight delays strike or cheap air recommends hopping on the phone while waiting in line at the airport check-in desk to double your chances of finding a remedy.


2.    Pick a smart day to book

Fifty-four days before your trip is the magic number, if we’re being precise. And remember: it’s never too early to start strategising for the next holiday season.


3.    Do your Research

It always pays to do some initial research and read up about your destination and any details about transfers, lodging, transportation and basic information.

Follow some films, read some books or look for some interesting material online from various sites on Google, Pinterest or any other relevant social media platform that shows images and tips.

Getting most of your bookings and logistics set up, including transfers from the airport, will help tremendously in your transition and start of your travel journey.


4.     Learn a few phrases of the local language

Learn some of the common greeting in the local language. 

Simple greetings for a good morning, good day, hello will get you very far when you travel anywhere in the world, combined that with a genuine smile and you are good to go. 

Check some online sites for common terms or get a phrasebook or download a phone app for translation that can help you to learn some new phrases and communicate with your phone.



5.     Limit air travel hassles


It can be enough to make you consider driving next time. But knowing who to reach out to when you encounter problems during air travel can help you enjoy more of your well-deserved vacation time.

First, know your rights: This lets you know what airlines are required to do if there’s a delay on the tarmac or if your flight is oversold.

Also, things are bound to get lost or left behind so make sure you have insurance on all those hard-to-replace items before you take them on your next trip.




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