Germanwings Flight 9525 pilot ‘thought’ he was going blind

When you’re boarding a flight next time, don’t just pray for your trip to be a success; instead, pray for the well-being of the mental health of the pilot. No, I’m not kidding you!

When depression sets in, one thing that people start believing is the fact that they’re falling sick. What happens when a pilot thinks that he is going blind day by day?

Well, that’s a very serious problem and that has taken lives of many.

Pilot Andreas Lubitz, who was flying Germanwings Flight 9525 that crashed, was under depression, and had started believing that he was going blind.

According to AFP reports, the pilot saw 41 doctors in 5 years, with seven in the same month before the crash.

Andreas Lubitz, “concerned about his health and fearing a loss of his sight” suffered from severe depression and “psychosis”, said Brice Robin, prosecutor for the southern city of Marseille, after meeting families of the victims.

Robin is looking into the case of Lubitz, after the Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed on March 24, killing around 150 people.

Investigators say that the 27-year-old German co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally downed the plane en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf on March 24.

He is known to have suffered severe depression and the disaster has cast a spotlight on how airline companies monitor the health of their pilots.


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