Twitter looks at on-phone apps to target new pitches

Twitter launched a tool that takes into account what apps are on a smartphone or tablet when targeting pitches for other mini-programs people might want.

“Installed app category targeting” lets advertisers aim marketing messages at people based on what applications they already have, according to the popular one-to-many messaging service based in San Francisco.

“One of the biggest priorities for mobile app marketers is to reach the people who are most likely to use and love their apps,” Twitter product manager Deepak Rao said in a blog post.

“With installed app category targeting, you can identify new audiences of high-quality users to target within your existing app category and in related app categories.”

The new tool can be combined with other ad-targeting approaches such as using keywords, languages or locations.

Twitter also said it will make available analysis and reporting regarding installed app category targeting to help marketers better orchestrate ad campaigns.

The social network late last year introduce the capability to note what apps are installed on smartphones or tablets, saying the information would help personalize Twitter feeds, promoted content, and recommendations regarding accounts to follow.

Twitter did not rule out using the information for advertising and said that it gathered no data from inside applications.

Twitter has been working to ramp up revenue and win more users amid investors worries about its profitability and ability to grow.


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