Lesbians, their leading ladies!

India is slowly coming out of the closet and accepting ‘different’ sexual preferences. From being considered a disease, best cured by remedial rapes, to being tagged inappropriate, India is gradually  embracing homosexuals and accepting them in a warm way.

The first big and significant step was flashed all across the media when a mother got a matrimonial ad published for her gay son. Initially rebutted by several media giants, finally, when one leading daily did publish it, it went viral like crazy.

Now, brace yourselves for the first lesbian ad that’s making waves in living rooms across the country. When a leading fashion portal wanted to showcase its collections, it chose a theme not many would dare to choose. A lesbian couple, getting dressed, nervous about their meeting with their parents — a brave, yet beautiful way to market apparels.

Steering away from stereotypes, this ad, conceptualised by ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, has garnered quite a few eyeballs — 3 million views across social media like Facebook, YouTube.

With these kind of numbers, the trend is encouraging. And while Myntra has shown the way to making homosexuality normal, hope this trend continues in a positive way.
Yet to watch it? Here you go!


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