Sallu to SRK, Aamir haters: Don’t angry me!

News Delhi: The Khans threesome – Aamir, Salman and Shahrukh – have always shared a complex equations. From friends to foes and back to friends, it always swinging from end to the other.

The trio have been mending broken ties: from a hug spree between Shahrukh and Salman to the release of the first look of Sallu’s upcoming flick Bajirao Bhaijaan on Twitter, this is absolutely evident.

This gesture of Shahrukh and Aamir went viral and over 6,000 people favourited it, while 5,000 people retweeted it within an hour after the launch of the poster.

The hashtag #BajrangiBhaijaan started trending on top in India. We can only say that all is well if it ends well.

But you must be thinking why I am sharing this now? Is there any particular reason?

Yes, it certainly has and that also a big reason.

Since access to superstars is free, now-a-days, fans are making filthy comments, just to get some attention. But at times they actually cross limits by making some offensive comments.

Now, we also know that Sallu bhai defends his loved one very fiercely. When he saw his fans making unwanted comments on Shahrukh and Aamir, his anger knew no bounds.

The Bhaijaan on Tuesday, expressed his anger in a series of tweets and also warned his Twitter fans, that he’ll be off Twitter if they don’t stop fighting.

He said in his tweets, “Messed up fighting over yr hero’s vit each other. make this journey beautiful, dint sign up fr this ugly twitter war n not a part of it . Continue it n I vil b off twitter. Came here to spread love, share sm thoughts hv fun vit fans not for them to insult my fraternity. Hut.”

“See a lot of love n respect n happy to b here but then thr is a lot of die hard fans who r going wrong in thr thought process competing.”

“Don’t want them to fight or turn nasty, ugly, abusive. Twitter shld also block abusive language, how difficult is that.”

“How rich in culture n respect v were. Kya ho gaya yaar. Itni nafrat Pyar mein kyun ? If any 1 who follows me disrespect any of my faternity

I vil not b on this social net work any more. Bus khallas, khatam, wanna follow me n want me to b here to Pyar mohobbat se raho. Or I am out.”

Yahaan pe koi compete karne k liyeh nahi aah ya hoon k kiss k followers zyada hai aur Kaun mere doston n competitors ko Gira raha hai.

Have come here so v can grow together b happy n if me n my colleges r creating a darrar between fans then it’s not wort it.

Ek toh vaise bhi kum tweet Karta hoon, nahi karne pe majboor mat karo. Nahi that twitter pe nahi hoonga phir se, kaunsi Badi baat hai.

Don’t even need to tweet all this but wanted to so that u understand it’s not cool fr u fans to fight vit each other.

Sharukh n amir hate it oo. N for my fans don’t let me dwn. Srk n amir khan r my friend toh buss. Bhad mein gaya No 1,2,3. Samjhe kya?

Sooch samaj k Kal jawaab Dena. Phir decide karoonga k I wanna b here or not, aur guaranty hai k Sab aap k stars vil say the same.

Buss challo khyaal rakho n aapna level badhao.

Who don’t agree, don’t follow. Ek accha medium ek zariya ek connect ko barbaad mat karo. Opinion Dena hai toh respect se, our OWN kar k do.

Don’t waste your time on these  bakwass  things . not important, important is  that u r so busy that u don’t have any time for this rubbish.

I wld b the happiest man if u have no time to follow me, b on twitter, reply, etc  n make your life n b your own hero. Yeh Sab jhoul hai.

don’t waste your time n energy on this stupid negativity or even the compliments, go n make your own life n b happy. Kasaam se

Wen I am absolutely free, I tweet n as soon as I tweet I see trending, retweets etc, Itna time hai Sab k pass kya? Kyun hai Itna time?

I understand hero, fan, bhai, sister, beta, love, concern respect, worry, Sab Theek hai. My problem is that, how that instant reply? Y?

Agar reply karna ho toh Sirif week end pe karo. Jab koi kaam nahi ho, jab kuch nahi karne ko ho, aur kuch nahi karne ko kyun ho? B busy guys.

Aur twitter walon mein itni samaj nahi hai k abusive language band kar le? Baccha baccha twitter pe hai. Hamare aur aap k bhi. Samajeh?

Aap k bhai ki Tarah baat kar raha hoon , toh aab bhai ki baat sunno. Vo he kahraha hoon jo aap k apno ne kaha hai aur apno se bologay.

This shows the level of anger the actor was carrying so far. Hope now Sallu Bhai’s fans understand he wants peace and no war. And his short temperedness is not hidden from anyone. If he says he can quit, he will definitely do it if things didn’t turns out in his favour. Hope this war ends soon and our favourite Sallu Bhai stays on twitter and keeps entertaining us, in his own way.


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