India's Maggi noodles meet Singapore's safety norms

Singapore: Maggi noodles manufactured in India meet Singapore’s food safety standards and do not pose risks to consumers, authorities said.

Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) had taken samples of the noodles for testing after India’s food safety regulator said last week that laboratory tests found “overwhelming evidence” that Nestle India’s Maggi instant noodle products are “unsafe and hazardous” for human consumption.

After tests, AVA said these noodles meet Singapore’s safety standards.

Nestle India had earlier announced a recall of its Maggi noodles across the country.

Singapore does not import Maggi brand oat products produced in India, which were the noodles cited to contain excess lead and high levels of MSG.

AVA had told Singapore importers of India-manufactured Maggi noodles to withhold sales of the products temporarily, while it did lab tests.

AVA stressed that it regularly samples imported food products, including Maggi instant noodles and oat products, to ensure compliance with safety standards.

“Our sampling tests cover a wide range of hazards known to be associated with food. Food products that fail our tests will not be allowed for sale,” a spokesman said.


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