With IVF, age is just a number

Well, if you’re one of those married ladies who is about to hit her thirties, you will probably relate to what I’m going to tell you now.

If you have been subjected to subdued giggles and persistent questions about delivering the ‘good news’, you can probably use this article as your weapon of choice.

Fine, let me get down to business. There will be many-a-times when you will be told that this is ‘THE’ age to have babies. Maybe it is. But this isn’t the only time you have. Contrary to popular belief that as soon as a woman is on the uneasy side of her 20s, her biological clock starts ticking away, here is something that will make you jump like a spring.

Age is just a number, honestly. I’m not trying to say that it’ll be as easy as when you’re younger, but conceiving and delivering a baby isn’t impossible, even when you grow older. For instance, in Mumbai, 60-year-old Punji Patel delivered a 3.9-kilo baby boy, the only catch being her conception was through IVF or in-vitro fertilization. Punji Patel, isn’t one rare case though.

There are several women who have become mothers post the age of 60. In February this year, it was double bonanza for a 60-year-old Austrian woman, who gave birth to not one, but two healthy kids. Yes, she had twins.

Women worldwide are now experiencing motherhood at a late stage of their lives, thanks to IVF, that has given a ray of hope to several couples unable to conceive earlier. In one case, even a 92-year-old woman gave birth to a healthy kid.  


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