What's Tim (Cook)ing tonight?

San Francisco: Well Well Well. The big day for Apple lovers is here. What, you aren’t aware of it? Ok, let me tell you then.

After much hustle and bustle, Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC 2015) is all set to kickstart in San Francisco on Monday at 10.30 pm (IST).

Want some more insights?

While a number of rumours and speculations have been doing the rounds, this year the focus seems to be on Apple’s debut in the music streaming market along with the launch of a new iOS version.


Apple’s music streaming service

This is among the biggest announcements we are expecting to see.

For months, reports have suggested Apple will debut its own streaming music service that sounds a lot like Spotify. It will probably cost $10 per month and Apple has been said to be in talks with various artists and record labels to beef up the music selection.

The service, which is said to be called ‘Apple Music’ will be powered by Beats Music, which Apple acquired last year. There will also be an Android version of the app, which is a first for the company.


iOS update

Apple brought in major overhaul to its iOS experience when it introduced iOS 8 version of its close-sourced operating system. A developer preview of the next version, possibly called iOS 9, is expected to be introduced at the event.

With the new iOS the tech giant is expected to focus more on stability and security than radical aesthetic changes witnessed in the previous version. The prime issue that iOS 9 would address is allowing older iPhones and iPads run smoothly after the upgrade.


Siri gets better

Apple is said to be making big improvements to Siri, too. The new Siri will look more like the version that appears on the Apple Watch, and will be able to communicate with other Apple apps such as Passbook, Calendar, and Spotlight search.


iPad split-screen mode

Apple will also add a new split screen interface for the iPad, according to a report, which means you’d be able to run one app alongside another. It’s a feature that other tablets, such as those made by Samsung, have had for a while.

And, more importantly, it would add some new functionality for the iPad, especially when it comes to productivity and multitasking.


Mac OS Update

Along with a new iOS for iPhones and iPads, a new operating system for Apple Mac can also be seen. The focus is said to be more on stability and performance, than any flashy new features.

Report says, the upcoming Mac OS (OS X 10.11 perhaps) could be dubbed Gala. The tech giant has named its previous versions after landmarks in California.


Apple Watch OS

As the company’s newest platform, the Apple Watch will undoubtedly be the subject of much attention. Apple is expected to give developers new tools to create native apps, and will give them improved access to the device’s sensors and other capabilities.


iMessage and keyboard

Apple’s cross-device messaging protocol could receive minor usability enhancements such as per-contact read receipt toggles, improved sharing, and better synchronisation.

There will also be improvements to the stock iOS keyboard, such as a fix for the persistent UI ambiguity presented by the Shift key.


HomeKit Update

After Google’s Brillo OS project, Apple is expected to talk more about its HomeKit – the platform for smart home connected products Apple announced last year. The first products that are compatible with HomeKit went up for sale this month.


Apple TV

Though Apple TV is the least expected tool that the company might on Monday come up with, but you never know what surprises Apple have in their belly.

Apple was expected to announce a new version of its set-top box, but a recent report by The New York Times said those plans have been postponed.

However, some analysts think Apple will unveil a new set-top box at the event, in addition to an improved remote control for the box and an app store dedicated solely to Apple TV.


Now that’s all so called ‘rumours’ doing the rounds and one has to wait till Tim cooks the meal tonight.


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