You broke our trust Uber, yes you did

New Delhi: In another shameful incident, Uber Cab has once again come in limelight, after its cabbie has been accused of harassing a female passenger.

Though Delhi police has arrested the driver accused of molesting the female passenger during a ride to Gurgaon on Sunday, the incident has made the situation worrisome for the city once again.

Such incidents are not only aggregating the fact that India is becoming an unsafe country especially for women but also bringing up the fact that not enough measures are being taken to bring a stop to such incidents.

In the latest incident, a 21-year-old woman has accused the driver of an Uber cab of trying to kiss her after she got off at her destination in Gurgaon on May 29, landing the taxi-hailing company in a fresh controversy.

The complaint was posted by the girl’s brother on an Uber’s Facebook page.

The complaint said, “My sister availed your cab service, last night for Gurgaon & your driver Vinod tried to kiss her forcibly & even after registering complaint with you morons, there has been no action, no update form your end. You people are pathetic you still don’t have any mechanism in place. What is making you people wait for so long? Looking for a (sic) escape mechanism?? I am looking for immediate, non-mechanical, machine oriented revert. Get the culprit punished or you are in heaps of trouble for shielding him.”

Here’s another brother who had once again trusted the US cab service, Uber, for the mode of travel for his sister. But would he ever be able to send his sister in Uber or any other cab, ever?



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