Suit up, no more!

Hyderabad: How many of you stand in front of your wardrobe, looking at all the casual wear, the ones you’d picked up with such enthusiasm, that now look neglected.

You look for something remotely ‘wearable’ to work and realise there’s so much that you have, but nothing that fits the bill for your early morning rush to work. Thanks to enforced formal wear, which by the way, is more expensive than casual wear, we are left with too few choices.

Cometh the day when you’re a free bird, you feel good. You wonder why can’t this be possible everyday. Well, for starters, Infosys has done away with formal wear.

Ever since Vishal Sikka has taken over, there have been some refreshing changes. From ditching the mandatory Monday Ties, to now allowing his employees to choose their style of clothing, this is probably a small, but significant step in ensuring that the fashion dictatorship comes to a close.

There are many organisations that swear by formal wear though. Going shopping for formal wear is a hassle. We love street shopping, mixing and matching and tiring our vocal chords bargaining the living daylight out of shopkeepers.

Since formal wear is best bought in branded stores, the element of picking something at a ‘good’ rate is never a possibility, unless of course you’re ready to wait for the ‘sales’ time. Online shopping has made matters slightly easier, but still.

Also, it doesn’t help one relax. The feeling of being at work and performing duties is always there in one’s mind as soon as the attires are formal. With a decently casual look, that burden is gone. Also, there’s room to experiment, not too much of it though, but then, something’s better than nothing, ain’t it?

That doesn’t really mean you show up in shorts and some random tee-shirt with your just-out-of-bed hair! Here is a guideline for you, in case your office also allows casual wear.



  • Don’t walk in wearing your shorts.
  • Avoid t-shirts with statements printed on it.
  • Don’t show up in flip flops or chappals.
  • Let’s not indulge in skin show. Or for that matter, any other show.



  • Have a nice palette of colours.
  • Mix and match. Accessorise.
  • Fancy shoes and bags will complement your look.
  • Have more collared t-shirts and linen stuff in your wardrobe.


Ladies, pay attention

Avoid sheer or see through outfits. Even though you can experiment with different types of fabrics, you wouldn’t want other to ogle at you. You could either tea, up your jeans with a nice t-shirt and a pair of cute bellies, or go Indian and sport a kurti with jeans.

Fancy tunics, ruffled tops, casual shirts, t shirts all work fine. Jackets, scarves and all also are allowed.


Gentlemen, hear, hear

While men have fewer options, kurtas with jeans, a t-shirt matched with a casual shirt or jackets are some ways in which you could let the fashion guru loose in you. Avoid ill-fitting clothes, though.


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