#MyChoice: ‘Food’ for thought

I’m a strict vegetarian and a proud one at that. That doesn’t mean, however, that I make grossed out faces when my friends sit right next to me and chomp on that fat, juicy leg of a chicken. Or, pick out bones from their fish and grin. Or, drink water from my glass. It’s alright.

Some of us might be stricter. We might not share our glass with ones licking their fingers clean of the butter chicken gravy. That’s also fine.

But is it okay, if we just stop them from enjoying what they like?

No, right. On an individual level if that sounds evil, doing that on a mass level is even more of a crime. Food habits are an individual’s choice, and no one, not even immediate family members have the right to poke their noses into these matters. Then who on earth are ministers, and that too, the ones who are there because of us?

Maharashtra paved the way for the way for this trend, imposing a ban on beef. While many people trolled, many people stole, literally. A steak is something many people enjoy eating and taxpayers would like to eat what they like. Imposing such silly bans will only lead to rebellion.

Now, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, in his advocacy for vegetarianism has banned eggs from anganwadi meals. Reason — eggs are non vegetarian.

Proteins are essential for kids’ growth. Whether they like to eat it or not is their choice, but banning it is senseless. Making such stupid choices and statements is just pushing our country backwards.

Also, we aren’t really living in the era of Hitler, are we? No right. We have every right to choose the kind of food we want our tastebuds to enjoy and no one, absolutely no one should be stopping us from doing that all thanks to whims and fancies.

Who asis brahmins can’t eat pork? They can and they will, if they please. Making such statements is archaic.

Yes, this is #mychoice.


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