Edward Maya wants to team up with PeeCee‏

Bengaluru: Romanian DJ Edward Maya, who loves to watch Bollywood films, hopes to collaborate with Indian actress-singer Priyanka Chopra in the near future.

Maya said he likes the Hindi films because of Raj Kapoor’s emotionally charged performance and Shah Rukh Khan’s versatility.

“I like a very old actor like Raj Kapoor. What I like about Raj Kapoor is his movies. His films have emotional impact. Shah Rukh, on the other hand, has an ability to play different characters, and this is a rare talent and I like him,” he said.

“Apart from Indian spirituality and Bollywood music, I like beautiful Indian women. I would like to have collaboration and meet her (Priyanka Chopra),” Maya said.

Maya said he loves Bollywood music than Hollywood. “The main difference between Bollywood and Hollywood music is the lyrics and the story behind them. In Europe, US and other countries the lyrics are very short and meaningless, but in Bollywood they have a whole story behind, and this is what I love. You can tell a lot of things in melody through lyrics,” he said.

Asked if he understands Hindi lyrics, the Romanian singer said, “I feel the lyrics and I have the translation.” Maya also expressed a desire to work with the double Oscar-winning music composer A R Rahman.

“I would like to work with A R Rahman – he is very talented and a very good professional artist,” he said. 

Maya wants to act in romantic-action films as it suits his personality. 

“I had been an actor but this is another kind of an art. I would like to act if somebody offers me a film. It would be great. I like romance combined with action films because I myself make music mostly on romance. I am a very romantic character,” he said. 


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