Heres what your favourite biscuit choice says about your personality

London: If you are a shy person by nature, you may like to munch on Rich Teas, while short-tempered people prefer Ginger Nuts, claims a new study.

The research, carried out by McVities to celebrate National Biscuit Day, studied the biscuit eating habits of people with different personality traits and revealed that an average Brit liked to have at least two biscuits a day.

Described as a biscuit census, the study found that while the humorous lot loved to have Hobnobs, the charming ones preferred Fruit Shortcakes.

And though it might be digestive, fun-loving people like digestive biscuits.

Sarah Heynen, Marketing Director at McVities, said they knew Brits love their biscuits, but they wanted to dig deeper to find what made each biscuit-lover unique.



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