China unveils first facial recognition ATM

Leaving the world behind, China has technologically stepped forward by introducing the first facial recognition ATM machine in the world.

The new ATM, built by a team from Tsinghua University and Tzekwan Technology, is equipped with cameras that capture images of faces and compares them with ID photos for verification.

The facial recognition ATM won’t let people withdraw cash unless their face is matched with their IDs. The ATM machine has a camera installed on it, which does the task by comparing people’s face with their photo stored in its database.

Beyond the facial-recognition technology, the new ATM comes with improved counterfeit bill recognition and high-speed bank note handling.

The high-tech ATM identifies and verifies multiple currencies 20% more accurately than the world’s average one.

These ATMs are expected to connect with the country’s banks and public security networks, which allow only guarantees that only cardholders to withdraw money, even if someone else knows the password. 


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