Achche Din are finally here: Modi

New Delhi: Having recently completed one year in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday brushed aside criticism of his government’s track record and asserted that ‘Acche Din’ have become a reality in the country.

In an interview to a leading news agency, Prime Minister Modi said, “Acche Din have arrived but some people are trying to belittle the work done by us.”

Modi also said his government won’t tolerate violence against any particular community.

Importantly, the Prime Minister also hit out at elements within the Sangh Parivar who have been vocal against the minorities. Modi termed some anti-minority comments made by Sangh Pariwar leaders as “uncalled for”.

Earlier, marking the first anniversary of the NDA government, Modi had presented a report card for one year which he asserted has been free of corruption and scams but has brought “bure din” (bad days) for those who have “robbed” the country during their 60 years of rule.

“Is this not ‘acche din’?” Modi said linking his election promise of ‘good days coming’ to a year of no scandals under his watch.

“You tell me, if there is not a single scandal, is this not ‘acche din’?” hesaid.

The Prime Minister was answering a question whether people were being impatient and there were murmurs that he has not delivered ‘acche din’ as promised in the election campaign last year.

Attacking the previous UPA government, Modi said one more year to that government would have “sunk” the country and that now there were no stories of a scam involving “son-in-law or a son” of a political leader happening.

“Some people are very troubled these days. Their trouble is with the fact that ‘acche din’ has come to all people but ‘bure din’ for them. Those whose ‘bure din’ have come, they are troubled. They are shouting. Because for 60 years, in Delhi’s political corridors, only their voice was heard and the country was run as they wished.

“I did not give guarantee of ‘acche din’ for those who looted the nation for years. We will run the country in a way that there will be more ‘bure din’ for them and their troubles will increase. Your money can’t be looted by anyone,” the Prime Minister said.

(With inputs from PTI)



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