Opening a can of worms eh Wendy’s?

New Delhi: There’s a new type of burger ready to hit your palates. But before you munch on, let me tell you it has a secret ingredient. If you’re thinking it’s some exotic affair, then stop. It’s creepy crawly earthworms! Yikes!

So, are you at Wendy’s? Be sure you look twice before eating your burger. Yes, you may find earthworms in it. You think I am kidding? Have a read then.

According to a Facebook post by an MNC executive in Gurgaon, the burger she ordered had an earthworm, which she discovered after two bites.

“So everyone has posted their first picture at Wendy’s..This is my first experience at Wendy’s Sector-29. I went with great expectations because of the major hype of the food chain but all in vain. Finding an earthworm after 2 bites in a mushroom burger is far beyond anyone’s expectation,” Pooja Kapoor, who works with American Express, said.

“Upon enquiry the manager politely replied that it might have been in the lettuce,” she added.

Following the incident, Wendy’s offered a meal for 4 at the restaurant to Pooja, but she politely turned it down saying, “Thank you Wendy’s for the offer, but I think I’ll pass.”

Keeping in mind the seriousness of this issue, the Wendy’s India team immediately reached out to Pooja Kapoor and assured her the company was working very hard to address her concern.

According to reports in the media, “Wendy’s India aims to delight their customers by offering great quality food and drinks, great environment and design, and great service. When we have proven ourselves in the NCR region we plan to expand and serve more customers around India.”

The Gurgaon earthworm incident brings focus back on the importance of serving not only delicious but even hygienic food to food lovers.

Wendy’s recently made its India debut in Gurgaon’s Sector 29.

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For those planning to visit Wendy’s anytime soon, Pooja has a message: “Don’t be surprised the next time you visit Wendy’s and get a free earthworm or an exotic variant of the family absolutely free with the lettuce of your burger!”


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