Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are broke!

We are still trying to wrap our minds around how two of the most successful and highest-paid actors in Hollywood could be millions of dollars in debt – but according to a new report it is the result of their lavish lifestyles and over-spending.

A new report reveals that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a whopping $35 Million in debt.

It’s overwhelming to consider how much money Angelina and Brad gross each year, and even more shocking to think that they could burn through all of it at once.

Where are their hundreds of millions of dollars going? We get that raising six kids can be expensive, but middle class families manage to do just that every day.

According to recent reports, the first and foremost reason for Brad and Angie’s downfall is they are over generous.

In 2014, when they sold their wedding photos for a staggering $5 Million, they donated every penny to a charity.

The couple is generally considered pretty humble – but they are actually living a life of luxury.

Last year when they went on a vacation with their kids, they took along 12 nannies and a team of tutors for their children.

When they aren’t flying privately they refuse to purchase anything but first-class seats for their family of 8. Brad and Angelina also own mansions in Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, and Europe – and they have a full staff on hand at each mansion to keep the houses up to par, even when they aren’t staying there.

Meanwhile, according to the latest buzz Brad is reportedly buying Angelina a vintage seaplane for her 40th birthday on June 4.

What you think this couple will do? Will they sell off some of their luxuries, or just stop donating so much money to charity?


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