Nine-year old’s support for Clean Ganga campaign

Beijing: Apart from popularity among the adults, Prime Minister Narendra Modi managed to make a special place among the kids of the nation. Recently a nine-year old Indian origin girl from Hong Kong wrote a letter to PM Modi.

Melody Sabnani wrote the letter and sent it to PMO, India addressing Narendra Modi as a ‘strong’ prime minister, “I’m proud to say thank God finally we have a great strong prime minister I admire lots of amazing things you do,” the nine year old wrote in the letter.

She further exclaimed her wish of meeting the Indian Prime Minister and handover the donation of one lakh rupees for clean Ganga campaign. “I wish to come and meet you Beijing I have collected rupees 1 lakh for your Clean Ganga drive allow me to handover this small saving for the good cause intended by you,” she further added.  

PM Modi in warm gesture met Melody in Beijing during his China visit and accepted the donation from the nine-year-old girl.


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