Modi’s Saturday Blockbuster in Shanghai

Shanghai: It was yet another block buster moment for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Shanghai as he spoke to around 5000 NRI’s in China’s financial hub.

“The time is changing at a fast pace. Nobody would have wondered, that in China, so many Indian citizens will be living a peaceful, happy life.”

“I had said that I will not leave any stone unturned with my hard work. Have I taken any leaves? Am I vacationing? Have I not being working sincerely,” he added.

On a day when he won the thumping victory in the Lok Sabha elections in May 2014, Modi said, “Every Moment of mine is for 125 crore Indians,” he said to the loud cheer of ‘Modi, Modi’ as he wrapped up his China visit and is now headed to Mongolia followed by South Korea on his three nation tour.

Wrapping up his session, Modi said: “This is my last programme in China. While you will enjoy a Sunday off tomorrow, I will be working in Mongolia.

“Can you imagine, Mongolia calling a session of its Parliament on a Sunday and  the Indian PM addressing it.”

Urging the Chinese to connect with India, Modi said, “India’s tourism will grow but more than that China’s people will have a new perspective of understanding India.”

Like his New York, Sydney and Toronto moment he added Shanghai to his rock gigs which touched a chord with the Indian Diaspora that believes that the Prime Minister cares for them and is keen to connect with them.






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