Dont mind we are Indians

New Delhi: No matter where we stay and what we do, being Indian separates us from the rest of the world.

Here is a Newsmobile ready reckoner for our Desi traits which are made in India, bigger than any,  Make in India campaign. Sample this and if you some more uniquely Indian trait share it with us on I Journo. 

1. We do not take off the plastic seat covers from our new car for the longest time possible. 


2. We come back home from a hearty continental dinner, and realize that we are still hungry; we hunt the fridge for leftover dal chawal and finally settle down with meri Maggi.


3. We use the same expression to convey: Yes / No / Maybe/ Perhaps / OK / Thanks / Sure / Not sure / Why not / I agree / I disagree.


4. We stare at everything! girls, boys, uncles, aunties, couples, foreigners basically everyone with an eye that can put Arjuna’s vision to shame.


5. At a marriage or a reception, we ensure that we get our gift’s worth, and can’t do without tasting all the dishes (soups and deserts) even if it means groaning with stomach pain the next day 


6. When we are travelling for work and stay at a fancy hotel, we ensure to come back with supplies of toothbrushes and shampoos ensuring that the next guest at the house is taken care of.


7. When we take the pizza, we ensure to refill our supplies of tissues, ketchup, pepper and oregano sachets.


8. We immediately start liking the person who belongs to same state as ours or shares the same surname.


9. We believe that nothing is impossible and there exists a ‘Jugaad’ for every problem on earth.


​​10. We as Indians enjoy privilege of crossing the road, anyplace, anytime, anyhow.


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