Fake branding earns company Kareena’s ire

New Delhi: Bollywood actors are often seen endorsing brands, as this helps it to get more popularity, But this time one company is in trouble.

Recently, a medical company was seen promoting their product on behalf of Kareena Kapoor Khan and also claimed that those weight-loss pills were used by Kareena to lose 13 kg, which apparently, the actor never used or endorsed.

Now, Kareena’s team is planning to take legal action against the company and their website for fake promotions.

The actress, who came across the news almost a week ago, later sent her team to enquire about the company and decided to contact the owner.

Kareena, who has never promoted crash dieting or weight loss pills, is miffed with the controversy and from what we hear, her team is all set to sue the company for Rs. 20 crores.


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