What to do if an earthquake strikes?

So, you’re sitting on your couch, or leather chair, or on your bed, or anywhere else and the ground starts shaking. You’re panic-stricken and you might not be able to exercise your rational thinking, but then, you’ve got to save yourself and if possible, others around you.


If the quake lasts for sometime, lie flat on the ground.

Stand under pillars. Even in the case of the roof collapsing, the pillars will protect you.

You could also take shelter under furniture.

Cover your head and neck. Injuries to these parts can be more fatal and difficult to recuperate from.

Try to go outdoors. In doing so, please do not use the lift. Always take the stairs.

Turn off the stove if it is on. Gas leakage will just add to your problems.

Once outdoors, steer clear of power lines or poles.


Be prepared:

If you happen to live in an earthquake belt, always be ready. You never know when nature might strike back at you.


Always have a torch ready. The first thing to flip out will be the power connection, so to navigate through to safety, you’ll need light.

Keep your handbag/office bag full of dry eatables, some cash and your mobile phone handy. Keep it where it’s easy to access, so that you can grab it when you flee.

Learn how to administer first aid. It helps.

Keep a watch for your near and dear ones. If you can’t get through, don’t panic.


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