Student shot by Boko Haram dies

Staying true to its name Boko Haram, whose literal translation is ‘Western Education is sinful,’ the group has managed to terrorise people all across Africa and change their lives for trying to want a better education.

A college attacked by Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria said one of five students wounded by gunfire has died.

A notice posted at the College of Business and Administrative Studies in Potiskum town says Musa Umar Gamari died on Monday, succumbing to wounds.

A suicide bomber and a gunman attacked the school on Saturday with gunfire and two explosions before they were overcome by police and soldiers.

Another 45 people injured themselves by jumping out of windows and scaling walls to escape.

It was the first school attack reported since a 3-month-old multinational offensive drove the Islamic extremists out of towns seized last year. Nigeria’s military says the main fighting force is hemmed into the Sambisa Forest where they are being pursued.



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