Armed and fabulous

New Delhi: He is armed and she is fabulous. She serenades people every evening with her voice and he knocks them out of the ring with just a hook.

Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor and femme fatale Anushka Sharma were in the national capital on Tuesday to promote their upcoming, Anurag Kashyap directed, ‘Bombay Velvet’.

In an exclusive interview with NewsMobile, the cast of Bombay Velvet revealed all about their difficulties with their characters in the movie.

On being asked about the difficulties faced about carrying off all those heavy costumes, Anushka said, “Talking about the difficulties I would like to share that there were three girls around me who helped me with the managing of those heavy costumes, now I am not getting into other problems I had in wearing those costumes but yes it was very difficult to carry them but now I feel glad that it looks so nice on the screen.”

She shared that it was fun at times to carry such kind of costumes but on a general note, she could not carry them all the time as she has no patience.

When Ranbir was asked how he felt that his uncle recently received the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke award, he said, “First of all I feel extremely proud that we have received three Dada Saheb Phalke awards within my family. We had a lovely ceremony at the Prithvi Theatre where all our friends, family, actors, directors and almost everybody came and congratulated him. It feels great to know that I belong to such a great family who made such a large contribution to the film industry.”

“When I was doing the voice over I realised the value of Shashi Kapoor in the film industry, he did commercial films, independent films, international films. He was the one who encouraged the theatre culture in India. He started Prithvi theatre with his wife Jennifer Kendal,” the actor added.

When asked about his opinion over his choice of doing Bombay Velvet as it seemed a risky move on his part, Ranbir replied: “Every film is a risk. There is no set formula for a film. Very early on in my career I had decided that if I want to make a career in the Hindi film industry, I couldn’t follow somebody’s path. I needed to be part of films whose characters and stories I engaged with.

“If I can see something great in it, then I can do it with conviction. So when I do a film like Besharam, I don’t have that kind of conviction. With Besharam may be I did, trying to do what other people do. But with my other choices, I am trying to empower myself with originality, with something new that challenges me as an actor. The risk factor is very exciting.”

When asked about their marriage plans Ranbir said, “Everybody loves to be in love, I guess no one has any objections to it. Yes I do believe ‘Mohabbat Buri Bimari Hai’ and yes I do have that ‘Bimari’ but for now but I have no plans to get married, I am just focusing on Bombay Velvet for now and then will be focusing on upcoming projects.”

When Anushka was asked the same question she quickly replied, “Ranbir is not having any plans so how can you expect me? I am much younger than him. It’s definitely not on the cards; I have a long way to go before I get married.”

Lastly when Ranbir was asked whether he had a dream role in mind for which he is eagerly waiting, he shared, “Yes I am very ambitious, I have to do a lot. I have to work with a lot of directors, I want to do a biography on Kishore Kumar, then Sanjay Dutt and most importantly I want to play a role of a villain. You have to keep surprising yourself, keep trying to do something different, so that the audience doesn’t get bored of you.”



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