Twitter’s little birdie tell us about ugly spats!

Twitter is the new battleground and notification alerts are the new conch. Lives of journalists and tabloids have now become a tad easier, thanks to all the juicy gossip and jaw dropping fights picked up by celebs over twitter. As soon as you rummage through the handles of the most motor-mouthed celebs, you can be sure that you’ll find yourself some epic stuff. Over the past few years, with more celebs gracing the micro-blogging site with their esteemed presence, there’s been no dearth of some really nasty fights.

Celebs often have nasty things in their minds, and now with the availability of technology, it has become oh-so-easy to vent it out too. Here’s a look at some of the nastiest fights on twitter:

Azealia Banks and Lily Allen

Oh well, this came as quite a surprise. When Banks called Allen’s husband ‘a thumb’ and their children ‘ugly’, we were all rolling our eyes and doing the best of our ‘hawwwws’. However, what Allen came up with was an absolute stinker and it made us say, “You go, girl!’ Allen tweeted: ‘Not even gonna @ her but if she wants to talk about weak, I’m sure her record sales to date should suffice. One hit wonder… And my husband? Don’t even go there bitch or your totally unnecessary security detail may actually have something to worry about #wannabe.’ That escalated quickly!

Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor

Let’s be honest about the fact that Miley’s twerking did get to our nerves. But then, it irked Sinead so much, that he tweeted: They will prostitute you for all your worth, and cleverly make you think it’s what YOU wanted…’  Miley’s response? ‘I don’t have time to write you an open letter cause I’m hosting & performing on SNL this week.’  Epic.

Joan Rivers and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is not just famous for her work, she’s also famous for all that time she spends in rehab. So, when Rivers tweeted “Lindsay Lohan said she wouldn’t mind being under oath because she thought Oath was a Norwegian ski instructor,” Lohan picked up a fight tweeting, “Joan Rivers and her ‘stargument’ make me believe that she and Michael Lohan are a match made in heaven.” *hides*

Twinkle Khanna and Chetan Bhagat

Twinkle-Mrs-Akshay-Kumar-Khanna spun off a twitter spat with celebrity writer Chetan Bhagat in a series of tweets which were in response to a fan  saying she didn’t have to call herself ‘Chetali Bhagat’ to write. Twinkle tweeted: “I do!He gets to judge NachBaliye and i get  to judge if that gross thing on my floor is dog puke or poop” Bhagat was prompt in responding with “well, i’d say u have the bigger challenge girl..btw, how do u tell the difference between the two anyway?” The spat took an ugly turn when she tweeted: “Well if u were taller,had more hair u could have got bobbydeol’s role&if were way cooler,than Srk would be jobless:)”

KRK and the entire bollywood

Kamaal Rashid Khan takes the cake when it comes to starting twitter fights. Known for his derogatory comments, one of his tweets on the butts of bollywood actresses earned him a fitting response from Sonakshi Sinha: “Please RT this if u think @kamaalrkhan is a woman disrespecting waste of space and deserves to be hung upside down and given 4 tight slaps.” Notably, he’s also been involved  in spats with kapil Sharma and even Karan Johar.

Vinod Kambli and well, almost everyone on the face of this planet

Even though this isn’t technically a spat, yet, Kambi deserves special mention. He tweeted about Shoaib Akhtar, Rameez Raja and even Navjot Singh Sidhu. Some of his pearls of wisdom: “Siddhu sirf saayri mein busy hai.comments koun karegaa mera baap .himmat hai toh siddhu ko bolo mera sammna kare.iski toh kar donga mein”; “Pakistani ko har channel mein lekar aatey ho.aarey unse kaho unke channel mein Humko gaali dete hai.Hai hai Pakistan.zindabad Hindustan”;

“Abhey mein rameez or sohaib se naaraz nahin ho aapne joh Uun Pakistani koh aapnaye hai joh Humko gaali dekar humsien he Paisa lete hai”


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