How to establish good rapport with your boss?

There is no full-proof theory which assures of establishing good terms with the boss. Most employees in almost all organisations are struggling to be in the good books.

But if you consider this list of 10 things, you might just move one step closer to being in your boss’s good book. NewsMobile brings to you the tips to get over goof ups and do best possible to establish good rapport with your boss:

1.      Own up, don’t defend: Making a mistake is not a crime, but not accepting your mistake is definitely one. Accept it, and suggest ways to rectify your mistakes. Boss might welcome your sense of ownership.

2.     Don’t shy away: Communicate openly with your supervisor this will help build transparency and trust in the relationship. This will help to build rapport, share progress and seek advice.

3.      Do your due diligence: Take time to learn all you can about your boss. Understand what is important to the boss is a sure shot way to establish rapport.

4.     Make yourself useful: Figure out ways in which you can be relevant. Identify the opportunities, keep demonstrating that you’re willing and able to take on more is one the best ways to position yourself for advancement. And who knows, you might get to position yourself for bigger and better opportunities.

5.     Watch what you say: Don’t try to earn brownie points by speaking what you cannot deliver. Put your best foot forward only if you are too sure that it would help to exceed boss’s expectations.

6.     Follow the basics: Be punctual, focused and deadline oriented. Work hard always and try to give your best shot each and every time you are bound to deliver the assigned task. Don’t promise more than you can deliver.

7.      Ask for feedback: Don’t be afraid to ask your boss for feedback. Also, don’t assume that your work isn’t valued because your manager is juggling multiple deliverables and not spending as much time with you as you’d like. Not asking and discussing about your work is a mistake repeated often. Too many people shy away from speaking up for fear of the unknown.

8.    Keep good track record: Be consistent in delivering your work, your one time achievement isn’t enough. Discuss if you need time or help, but give your best at all times, to be in the boss’s good books.

9.     Point a solution: Contribute your ideas to make things better. During conversation, ask them if they need a hand with anything or tell them if there are missing out something.  The best bosses fear they won’t be told when an idea is stupid, so own up and tell them, if there’s something relevant.

10.  Take it as a learning experience: Learn every day.  Learn new skills, pickup new knowledge, meet new people, find new resources.  Help refresh the mind of the group.


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