Fitness mantras for the busy executive

If you have a busy work life, travel often, long distances, have long working hours and hectic weekends – and wonder if a day will come when you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and be fit, Well then you’ve hit the right page!

Here are some tips for a healthy you:

Exercise thrice a week – To begin with you needn’t plough each day of the week. Every alternate day is good to start with. Start with half an hour to an hour regime. Treat cardio as priority on your list to accelerate your metabolism.

Pick an exciting workout like Zumba, Kick Boxing, Pilates, Yoga, Bollywood dance, and an ever refreshing swim this summer.

Drink healthy– Office is synonymous with not just meetings but meetings with unlimited supply of tea/ coffee. Have half the sugar you usually take and better still carry your own healthy pack of herbal teas –Tulsi, Mulethi, Rose, and peppermint. Come weekend, throw in fruits and blend them with yogurt to have a nice refreshing smoothie. And nothing like the ala 0 calorie drink – water. Have as much as you like. Spike it up with mint leaves or lemon.

Eat away to burn those calories- Include food types in your diet that burn calories – apple, cinnamon, yogurt, broccoli, lentils, chilli peppers, lemons, tomatoes, lean meats, dark chocolate.

Keep a box of assorted fruits stored in the fridge at work. This works well for those eat at regular intervals bites. Take home cooked food to work on a regular basis. Clear benefit is less oil and iodine hence lesser calories.

Keep Walking- If you want a coffee, are going for an in-house meeting, need a photocopy, or have a visitor at work; walk it and avoid the elevators.

Use the stairs (UTS) states we lose 0.15 calories per step when we climb stairs.

More the movement, the more active you are. Explore the greens post the meal and take a 15 minute walk. Benefit is some open air rather than inhaling the same recycled oxygen.

Get restful sleep- You can burn more calories while sleeping and maintain a healthy weight. The trick is to increase your body’s metabolism through the day; then at night when you’re resting your body will continue to burn calories at a faster rate.

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. A restful body means a restful mind. This is important for your body as tissue growth and repair takes place and your energy is restored.


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