Never Look Behind Just Run says Tendulkar

When Sachin offers you a tip, treat like a script from the Bible. Because Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar says something, it’s well worth it.

In a dazzling career, no other cricketer can come close to the adulation and respect that Sachin has managed to get. No, it isn’t because he’s been walking around with a gun demanding for it; it’s because even his detractors cannot help but secretly admire this legend.

Sachin has had very simple mantras for success. The batting legend spilt the beans on these, revealing that trusting teammates and respecting the opposition was pivotal for those who seek success on a cricket field. Obviously, Sachin is someone who practices what he preaches, therefore, if you’re an aspiring cricketer, get down to business straightaway.

“When we used to play, it was all about teamwork and trusting our partner. When somebody calls you for a quick single, you just trust his judgement. You don’t look behind. You just run. Also something which is really important is respecting your opposition,” Tendulkar was quoted as saying.

He’s a player who’s given nightmares to his opposition, but has never ever disrespected them. Which is why, he’s loved and admired by everyone he’s played against.

The same is true for his teammates as well. When Rahul Dravid declared the innings with Sachin on the cusp of a double ton, did he whimper? No, sir, he did not. Like he says, to be a successful cricketer, faith in oneself is important; more importantly, faith in teammates is.  

Are you taking notes?


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