Pair avoid jail time over former Black Cap Ryder assault

Two New Zealand men who were involved in a bar fight that left former Black Cap Jesse Ryder in an induced coma were handed non-custodial sentences on Wednesday, reports said.

Ryder was injured after an altercation outside a Christchurch pub in March 2013, spending six days in hospital before eventually resuming his cricket career seven months later.

Craig O’Neill was fined NZ$3,000 ($2,250) and sentenced to 250 hours community work, while his nephew Dylan O’Neill was fined NZ$250, the New Zealand Herald reported.

It said Craig O’Neill, 39, pleaded guilty to assault with intent to injure, with Dylan O’Neill, 22, admitting a charge of common assault.

Fairfax New Zealand reported that the fight occurred after Ryder accepted several rounds of drinks from bar patrons and was taunted for not buying any in return.

The batsman, now 30, said in a victim impact statement that he had “moved on” from the incident.

Ryder’s international career appears to have stalled after struggling with form, fitness and off-field issues.

He was not part of the New Zealand squad that reached the final of this year’s Cricket World Cup and is currently playing for English country Essex.


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