Being a pop star is exciting says Taylor Swift

London: Taylor Swift says she does not understand why other singers always look bored because being a pop star is ‘very exciting’.

The Blank Space hit maker does not understand why people make fun of her when she gets excited by her accomplishments because her career is much more ‘fun’ than her ‘edgy’ contemporaries.

“I’ve always been an easily excitable person and I’m also easily hurt. Let’s say I’m easily moved. A few years ago, I realised being moved isn’t necessarily normal in my line of work, or this cynical world we live in. There are viral videos of all the times I’d won awards and how shocked I’d looked. At first, I didn’t know how to process being made fun of for being stoked about really exciting accomplishments. Let me just clarify something, being a pop artist is a very exciting, incredibly fun thing to do,” she said.


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