India had the chance to nail Dawood

New Delhi: In a shocking revelation, India’s most wanted gangster Dawood Ibrahim wanted to surrender fifteen months after 1993 Mumbai serial blast.

According to reports, the gangster talked to former CBI DIG Neeraj Kumar thrice about his willingness to surrender. The CBI, however, had not accepted his offer for some reason.

“I spoke to a jittery Dawood three times in June 1994… He seemed to be toying with the idea of surrendering but had one worry — his rival gangs could finish him off if he returned to India. I told him his safety would be the responsibility of the CBI,” Kumar told a leading daily.

Dawood wanted to surrender on terms of his safety assurance as he feared his rival gangs will kill him in India. “He was setting terms  and conditions for his surrender . I played along and told him that the CBI would take care of his safety if he wants to return but my bosses in the CBI told me to back off,” Kumar said.

Earlier, similar claims were made by jurist Ram Jethmalani who said that after the blasts, Dawood had called him up and said he was ready to give himself up but wanted assurances that the Mumbai Police would not torture him and would keep him under house arrest. The government didn’t agree to a conditional surrender.


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