India to get real time quake monitoring system

New Delhi: India is all set to gets it own indigenous real time quake monitoring system like the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The Geological Survey of India (GSI) is in the process of setting up an extensive network of ‘integrated seismo-geodetic equipments’ across 10 locations in the country which will be able to study earthquake data in real time.

According to the GSI, permanent seismo-geodetic observatories are being set up across 10 strategic locations – Agartala in Tripura, Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh, Adampool in Sikkim, Katra in Jammu, Jabalpur and Balapet in Madhya Pradesh, Nagpur in Maharashtra, Carnic in Nicobar island, Barren & Narcondum volcanic islands in Andaman for comprhesive monitoring of all earthquake activities in the sub-continent.

“GSI is establishing this system for the first time in India. It will be in Kolkata and should start functioning by the end of July. Once operational, we will be able to monitor earthquakes in real time,” says Harbans Singh, Director General of GSI Kolkata.

The data collected by such observatories will then be interlinked using VSAT and collated at Geological Survey of India’s DRP cell (Data Receiving & Processing Unit) in Kolkata and uploaded on the GSI portal.

So anyone who logs into the portal can get instant information about any tremor felt across the Indian subcontinent in real time.

“We shall be able to say where the quake occurred, its magnitude and other vital data. What ever data will be collected will be instantly shared on the GSI portal,” explains Singh.

Geological Survey of India undertook this project for comprehensive monitoring of earthquakes in all seismically active regions across the country in 2011 and got the Centre’s nod in 2013.

Scientists say, such extensive monitoring of earthquakes using the 10 permanent observatories will provide a broader view in its mission for earthquake prediction.

According to GSI, identifying diagnostic earthquake precursors may in turn help in developing earthquake early warning and emergency risk mitigation plans for the benefit of residents in vulnerable areas.

Director General of GSI Kolkata Harbans Singh says, the project was in its final stage of execution and the system should be in place by July this year.

Once operational, just like the USGS portal – India too would be able provide earthquake data in real time.



























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