RaGa heaps praise on working class

New Delhi: RaGa is now singing a new song; a song which lauds the working class. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who has been making it to the headlines thanks to the farmers’ issue that he has been going for hammer and tongs for the past few days, on May Day, paid tribute to the entire working class of India. He said their hard work and sweat have contributed to building of the nation.

“Today we pay tribute to the millions of workers whose hard work, sweat and tears have gone into building our nation,” he said in his message on the occasion of Labour Day.

“No country can aspire to greatness without ensuring that the people who build the nation are partners in its prosperity and success….Those who work in our factories, in our fields, at our construction sites, in our mines and in enterprises big and small across our country are assured dignity of labour and a decent quality of life,” he said.

“Their children too have opportunities to choose the life they want to live, and a chance to excel and prosper, he said.

“Let us renew our resolve today to strive for an India in which every citizen rich or poor, farmer and labourer, irrespective of the circumstance of their birth can hold their head high and live and work with dignity and honour,” Gandhi added.


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