Twinkle Khanna Chetan Bhagat in an ugly Twitter spat

Twinkle Khanna, followed by Chetan Bhagat trended on Twitter on Monday. The former started trending after she took potshots at Chetan Bhagat over ‘Nach Baliye’, whereas the latter, who was already trending post his TV debut as the judge on dance reality show ‘Nach Baliye 7′ on Sunday got back in the trending list due to his debate with Twinkle.

Akshay Kumar’s Kumar’s wife , who’s a designer by profession, Twinkle Khanna is fast getting popular as a fabulous blogger. It all began on Monday when a fan made a mention of ‘Chetali Bhagat’ in one of the tweets to Twinkle.

Yes you got that right, ‘Chetali Bhagat’ was the name coined by Twinkle herself in January when she had joked about wanting to change her name to Chetali Bhagat, so her columns would be made into movies in the likes of movies based on Chetan Bhagat’s novels.

On Monday, a fan appreciated Twinkle’s blog and wrote to her “@mrsfunnybones You are a an amazing writer , you don’t need to change your name to Chetali Bhagat :)” 

To which Twinkle responded with, “I do!He gets to judge NachBaliye and i get  to judge if that gross thing on my floor is dog puke or poop #SuchIsLife”


This is where Chetan Bhagat entered the scene. Chetan took note of this tweet and replied to Twinkle trying to be really funny which din’t go down well with ‘Mrs Funny Bones’. She smartly took a dig at Chetan. And then the wit-war carried on for a few tweets.

Take a look:

Twinkle clearly won this war, embarrassing Chetan enough by commenting not only on his reality show judging, but his appearance too. This was a tad bit unnecessary, we reckon. 

15 mins after this, Twinkle’s next tweet was to promote her hubby Akshay’s upcoming film ‘Gabbar is back’ whereas Chetan on the other hand tried to call it truce in his own ‘witty’ way.

Yer another of Twinkle’s tweet after this in response to a fan proved that she wasn’t amused with Chetan’s initial tweets to her and she intentionally got back at him with harsh words. When a fan pointed out grammatical mistakes in her tweets, Twinkle responded with “Yes I am afraid grammar got a bit crushed under my rushing truck filled with adrenaline :)” 


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