Magic iron addicted – McCoy in words

Jump jockey legend Tony McCoy, who retires on Saturday, as seen through the eyes of others:

“He is an iron man and a lovely man. I’ve grown to love him more and more, as my family have. There’s something deep and great about him.”

JP McManus, retaining owner

“He pulls one out of the bag for us on daily basis. He’s a magic man.”

Jonjo O’Neill, trainer

“He’s so focused on winning and how often did I see one of mine look beaten only for AP to get it back and pull it out of the fire. On top of that he is a great role model and ambassador for the sport.”

Martin Pipe, trainer

“Jim (Bolger, trainer) did tell me he had a future champion jockey on his hands but he thought it would be on the Flat!”

Peadar McCoy, his father

“He’s a serious drug addict – he’s seriously addicted, what he’s addicted to is winning. That’s the way he exists, ‘cos he doesn’t eat. The high he gets from winning is how he keeps going.”

Brough Scott, broadcaster, former jockey

“Most days, I have a slice of toast, then lie in a hot bath for an hour to get up a sweat. I have a sauna at the racecourse and then go and ride. On the way home, I might stop at a service station and have a bar of chocolate and a Diet Coke. And that’s it, basically.”

The man himself, on how he managed to keep himself 2 stone (13 kilos) below his normal weight


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