Madhuri Dixit to launch Indias first contemporary dance festival

Mumbai: Terence Lewis and India’s dancing diva Madhuri Dixit Nene are coming together to support Mumbai’s first ever Contemporary Dance Festival, Jugnee.

A five day non-profit and dance neutral festival will give young emerging and professional dancers a voice and platform to showcase their talent under one roof, in addition to bringing the most renowned international faculty here to its dancers.

Talking about the festival, Terence, said: “The dance community in India and Mumbai works in isolation and are unaware of the opportunities they have for themselves! It was important to unite them for several reasons, and to give young, struggling, emerging artist a great platform.”

Talking about Madhuri’s collaboration, he added, “Madhuri is the icon of dance in our country and her name is synonymous with talent grace and beauty! Since its Mumbai’s first Indo-contemporary dance festival, who better than our Mumbai girl, who gave dance respect and dignified it with her performances!”

“Madhuri is also working very hard to help people across all age groups to create awareness in dance through her digital app tutorials and much more.

Her app (DWM) is one of the first apps in India on dance that has been successfully helping people to dance across the world.

People, who may not have the luxury to step outside of their homes or work places, due to time, financial or social constraints.”

Jugnee awaits its launch on the World International Dance Day, 29th April.


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