An app to erase your social media mistakes

Washington: Job seekers, take note! A new app scans your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and flags posts that it thinks might be inappropriate and should be deleted so that your future employer never sees them.

Using proprietary algorithms and the help of IBM’s Watson supercomputer, the ‘Clear’ app scans your social media pages for inappropriate content.

The users can then choose which of the posts to keep and the ones that should be deleted.

The app can detect what constitutes potentially inflammatory language. For example “gay” ranks as 100 per cent negative on the app’s so-called sensitivity report.

The app was created by Ethan Czahor who lost his job as the chief technology officer (CTO) of American politician Jeb Bush’s political action committee, after a series of inappropriate tweets that Czahor had made years ago surfaced.

Czahor had claimed the tweets and posts were simply bad jokes, taken out of context from a time when he was studying improvisational comedy at The Groundlings in Los Angeles.


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