Net neutrality is now a video game

Washington: Retro Yeti, a team of students from the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering program have created a video game 404Sight which is based on net neutrality that has recently become a hot political topic.

Net neutrality is a slightly twisted name for a set of rules governing which companies can send which traffic at which speed from which carrier.

404Sight a running game set in a surreal pastel manifestation of cyberspace, where bandwidth is life and “fast lanes” are hidden green strips that boost your health and accelerate your pace.

Your service provider is intent on taking your bandwidth with angry throttling drones, which you’ll have to evade if you want to stay online. But you have a secret weapon: a “ping” that helps you find the fast lanes and eventually, save the internet.             

The game follows in the footsteps of Mirror’s Edge, a 2008 parkour game about a courier in a dystopian future city. It also resembles endless running games like Temple Run, although there’s a lot more control and it’s divided into set levels.

Where Mirror’s Edge tried to make a city full of linear paths, levels in the preview build of 404Sight are empty and stylised, a series of flat blocks and platforms that players need to run across and jump between. The ping system is a high-tech version of Mirror’s Edge’s “runner vision,” which highlighted paths and hazards.



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