Now Wah Wi-Fi at the Taj

New Delhi: Now you can take a selfie in front of the Taj and upload it across all social media platforms at the click of a button, all thanks to the public wi-fi service, which might soon begin at the seventh wonder of the world.

Union IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad inaugurated the public wi-fi service at Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderbad, paving the way for similar services being launched at key locations across the country.

Hussain Sagar Lake is a major tourist destination and a favourite hangout for Hyderabadis.

In what makes a visit there more preferred and more so for the students from nearby colleges running on low pocket money, the first 30 minutes of the Wi-Fi service would be totally free. But a charge of Rs 30-per-hour would apply thereafter.

In the similar way, public Wi-Fi service might soon be inaugurated at various other religious and public attractions including Taj Mahal, Sarnath, Bodh Gaya, hampi, Konark and Jagannath temple.

The step might just not increase the foot fall in terms of tourists, but would attract more and more local visitors, especially youth from the nearby districts.

The selfie trend might just be the catalyst for people landing at these locations, once the public Wi-Fi is made available.

Religious attractions like Jagannath temple, Sun Temple at Konark, Bodh Gaya and Hampi have their own charm and beauty.

This Wi-Fi facility would also help increase the popularity of these places and more foreign tourist would come to know about these and would wish to visit these destinations.

Undoubtedly, this step will help to revive India’s history and famous tourist and religious attractions. 


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