Paying attention to choice of words is key to success

Washington: A new study has indicated that a careful choice of words increases chances of success.

The study conducted at Luneburg University suggested that even slight linguistic nuances may significantly affect the outcome of negotiations an effect which can also benefit non-professional negotiators.

The researchers investigated this effect in eight studies, involving a total of 650 subjects. The result was always the same i.e. if a negotiating party managed to use wording, which brings the resource on offer to the foreground, they achieved better results. This does not only apply to sellers. The prospective buyer could also formulate his offer correspondingly.

This principle applies even if what is at stake is not money. When haggling about Fantasy collectible cards, elementary school students performed better when they brought the attention of their classmates to the new cards they would obtain and away from those they were handing over.

Psychologist Professor Dr. Roman Trotschel advice is that one should behave, in principle, exactly like the trader at the Hamburg Fish Market and should negotiate by using the words carefully.


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