Five tips to keep your metabolism high

It is a known fact that good health is basic need to lead a happy life. You may own a lavish home or expensive clothes, but if your body is not well, all possessions seem worthless.

For a good life, the perfect mind-body synchronisation is a must. Of course, the mysteries of the human body are hard to crack but all the knowledge that medical science has to offer should be taken into consideration.

On 7 April every year, World Health Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the formation of WHO in 1948 and spread knowledge and awareness about human health.

World Health Day celebration focuses on increasing life expectancy by adding good health to the lives of people and promoting healthier living habits across the globe.

Today on World Health Day, NewsMobile brings you a list of some tips to keep your metabolism high.


Good sleep

A good night sleep of eight hours can work wonders on the body as good rest can enhance the metabolism. A sleep deprived person tends to grab something to eat feeling low on energy. A bag of chips or a donut caters to your body needs for that time but on the longer run, it starts eating your body out.

Breaking the fast

It is also important to wake up the internal system as early as possible. Hence it is advisable to give more importance to the first meal of the day. Ensure to cultivate good eating habits like introducing fresh fruits, muesli and cereals in your breakfast.

Keep yourself hydrated

60 to 70% of your body comprises of water. It would be a great idea to keep yourself hydrated all day long. This would also help you to keep your pseudo-hunger at bay thus avoiding you from indulging in junk food or piling up excess calories.

Eat Right, Eat Wise

Breaking your meals into 4 to 5 small meals would help keep the metabolism high. Introducing more fibre rich vegetables and pulses should do the trick for you. Try replacing your in-between meals snack bar with almonds or nuts the next time. Getting your dairy supplement from low fat cheese or curd also helps fulfil your daily calcium requirements and enhances the metabolism.

Walk, walk and walk

A sedentary lifestyle not only leaves you exposed to a number of diseases but also makes it difficult to get it back on track. Move out of you comfort zone by starting with a 20 minute walk. This will make you feel energetic, burn approximately around 200 calories and pump up your metabolism.


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