Bedi files complaint against Vishwass Sexist remark

New Delhi: BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi Saturday filed a police complaint against AAP’s Kumar Viswas accusing him of making sexist comments against her.

Vishwas, known for making controversial comments, at a political rally for upcoming Delhi polls said that BJP has two issues with AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal.

“Two problems BJP has with Arvind Kejriwal. One is that he wears a muffler… has he snatched from you and worn? One of them says he coughs a lot….. what is your problem? Do you have to sleep with him in his bedroom or what?”

Taking note of his comments, Bedi charged at Vishwas saying his comments are sexist following which a complaint has been registered.

A delegation of BJP leaders Shaina NC, Meenakshi Lekhi, Shazia Ilmi, Nirmala Sitharaman and Satish Upadhyay filed the complaint with Election Commission. The BJP said this is a violation of model code of conduct and asked the Election Commission for action on their earlier complaints too.

Viswas refuted the allegations that he made remarks against Bedi and said he will quit politics if she can prove the same.

Bedi alleged that the AAP leader made the “derogatory sexist” remarks against her at a recent election rally.
“What kind of security and dignity can women expect from AAP’s leadership that itself has blatant sexist and perverse mindsets?,” Bedi said in a tweet.

Slamming Viswas, Bedi said, “Absolutely derogatory sexist remarks, illegal photoshopped images communicating wrong messaging – it is unethical, toxic, perverse.”

Viswas, however, dismissed the allegations and accused Bedi of misleading the people. “I am surprised that channels are not showing this video. There were cameras of so many channels. There was an Election Commission camera too.

“This is the online channel of BJP which when realises that it’s trailing in the campaign starts engaging in spreading such rumours. It is there routine task to give such abrupt statements and I am challenging Kiran Bedi and BJP that if she can prove these remarks and show a video of mine saying the same things, I will quit politics, else Bedi should quit,” he said.

He said whatever remarks he had made were targeted at BJP and not Bedi. “I said BJP people do like this and I have been saying this earlier too.

Suddenly, when they do not have any issue they are spreading such things. This is their typical model of election campaigning,” he said.

The AAP leader said BJP was nervous ahead of the polls and that is why so many Union Ministers were deployed to campaign. “Since they do not have any answer on issues of Delhi, they are spreading such rumours and filing FIRs to mislead people. Kiran Bedi is following the ideology of Amit Shah and wants to prove that she is becoming Rahul Gandhi of BJP. She doesn’t realise what they are making her do,” he said.



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